2021 Transend E+ 28MPH

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ANOTHER WAY TO SHOP ONLINE - CHECK  GIANT'S SITE (see link below).  THEY ADD BIKES TO THEIR SITE MONDAY - FRIDAY, AS BIKES COME AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THEIR WAREHOUSE.    You find one in stock, and a note will pop up that says "pick up at any Giant/Liv/Momentum retailer in about 7 days".  Choose one of our shops and it's just like shopping from us.   HERE'S A LINK TO THE GIANT SITE, INCLUDING ALL THEIR BIKES.  THIS MODEL FREQUENTLY COMES AVAILABLE ON THEIR SITE:

Kick off a new commuting routine that’s adventurous, healthy and more fun than a train or a bus. Transend E+ is build with our SyncDrive Life motor and an integrated battery pack, giving this electric commuter bike a seamless boost of pedaling power so you can ride farther and faster with less effort. You can choose lower support modes for fitness rides, or set it and forget it with our Smart Assist technology which automatically adjusts when you need more pedaling support. The RideControl app makes it easy to access navigation functions, fitness info, and custom tune your own support modes. It’s everything you need to make daily transportation the best part of your day.

How fast? Pedal assist 28 Mph
How far on a charge? Up to 75 mi on one charge.

Good for Paved Trail.

80% charge time 1.5hr

100% charge time 3hr

375 Wh battery

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